Minnesota Senate DFL


Republicans use unstable funding for roads and bridges This bill maintains base funding for many of the agencies under the committee’s purview. The bill shifts about $400 million away from the general fund through rededicating a portion of the sales tax revenues from vehicle repairs and auto parts, rededicating the sales tax on short term […] Read more


Tax bill spends too much, delivers too little The Senate Republican tax bill passed in early April and contains many priorities that have received bipartisan support in the past. However, the bill spends $900 million of the state’s one-time budget surplus on ongoing tax expenditures that balloon in future years. It leaves little room to […] Read more


Omnibus judiciary and public safety finance bill The bill has a $59 million target. The Governor’s proposal recommended spending $265 million. The House target is about $112 million. The bill is mostly base funding, except for covering the insurance costs related to inflation for all of the divisions under the committee purview. The bill is […] Read more

Jobs & Labor

Jobs and labor highlights Early in session, Governor Dayton released his budget proposal that provided significant resources for jobs, economic development, and consumer protections. Many of these proposals targeted the entire state, but the bill also focuses on areas and people who have not seen the economic success many Minnesotans have been able to take […] Read more

Higher Education

Higher education omnibus budget bill The Senate Republicans’ higher education budget provides a $100 million investment for Minnesota’s higher education system, falling far short of the Governor’s $318 million investment proposal. The Republican investment falls even further behind the MnState and University of Minnesota requests, setting the stage for program cuts, staff layoffs, and potential […] Read more

Health & Human Services

HHS omnibus budget bill The Senate approved a bill to provide funding in FY 2018-19 for the Department of Human Services (DHS) and Department of Health (MDH) as well as many health-related boards, but the Republican-led bill is predicated entirely on shifts and gimmicks. Through payment and policy delays the bill pushes over $454 million […] Read more