Minnesota Senate DFL


Higher education funding has been short-changed since Republicans took control of the legislature in 2017, with the final target at $210 million that year – well below the governor’s $318 million request. Last session, the supplemental budget target was $0 with $1 million re-appropriated from another program; the U of M was completely shut out […] Read more


Omnibus Jobs and Economic Growth Proposal Governor Walz appropriated $91 million over the base budget for areas under the jurisdiction of Jobs and Economic Growth Committee. A large portion of his proposal includes $68 million for the infrastructure necessary to implement a statewide family and medical leave program. The Governor’s budget proposal also includes funding […] Read more


Judiciary and Public Safety budget The Senate Republicans’ judiciary and public safety budget proposal falls far short of keeping Minnesotans, corrections officers, or incarcerated people safe and adequately funding the state’s judicial branch. The bill had only a $25 million target, which meant there was almost no new funding to be found to provide for […] Read more


State Government Omnibus proposal Governor Walz recommended targeted resources for state government services, including $112 million in additional investments over base funding. His proposal provides $28 million in additional money for MN.IT Services to secure Minnesotans’ electronic data, consolidate data centers, and defend state agency IT systems. This proposal also includes $4 million to expand […] Read more


HHS BUDGET OVERVIEW The Senate Majority’s Health and Human Services Budget makes deep and unnecessary cuts to health care, child care, and disability services despite a substantial state surplus. The entire HHS budget is based on allowing the provider tax to sunset Dec. 31, 2019, which would leave a gap in the Health Care Access […] Read more


No tax-related bills have passed out of the Tax Committee yet, with the exception of the sports betting bill (see below) that is awaiting a hearing in State Government Policy and Finance Committee. The omnibus tax bill has not yet been released. The committee briefly “heard” Gov. Walz’s tax budget proposal on Wednesday, Apr. 10, […] Read more