Sen. Bakk to GOP: Stop the games, show us your budget

Earlier today, members of the Senate DFL Caucus voted against a Republican attempt to bring up pieces of the Governor’s budget for a vote on the Senate floor. Below is a statement from Sen. Bakk on the vote:

“Today makes one thing perfectly clear: the Republican majority has no idea how to tackle the $5 billion budget deficit facing our state. Even worse, they would rather spend time arguing over a bill they’ve already declared ‘dead on arrival’, rather than working on a budget proposal of their own.

Today’s vote was just cheap political theater. To date, Republicans have offered no answers, no solutions, and no ideas for tackling the state’s historic budget deficit. Instead, they’ve just given us political games and ‘gotcha’ votes.

It’s worth noting that the amendment offered by Republicans today was not a complete budget plan, but rather an amendment masquerading to be part of the Governor’s proposal. We’ve been perfectly clear with the Republican majority: we don’t believe in piecemeal budgeting. We won’t vote on any partial budget until the Republican majority puts a complete budget on the table.

We’ve been here for two months, and we are no closer to a budget deal than we were when we started. The Governor has put a complete solution on the table, and the Republicans immediately rejected it. That was more than two weeks ago. It’s time for the Republican majority to end the gamesmanship, end the political theater, and get to work passing their all-cuts budget.

At the end of the day, we are where we started: the party holding the gavels opposes the Governor’s plan, but has yet to put their own plan on the table.”


Senator Tom Bakk
Tom Bakk is the Senate DFL Leader and represents District 3, which includes portions of Cook, Koochiching, Lake and St. Louis counties in the northeastern part of Minnesota.

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