Sen. Franzen and Rep. Moran introduce the Women of Color Opportunity Act

SAINT PAUL, MN – State Senator Melisa Franzen, DFL-Edina, and state Representative Rena Moran, DFL-St. Paul, introduce the Women of Color Opportunity Act to help females in Minnesota, who are American Indian, Asian, Black, or Hispanic, be successful in educational and business opportunities.

The Women of Color Opportunity Act includes: a small business development and loan program; competitive grant programs to increase financial literacy for girls of color; development of STEM careers; pilot grant program to increase the academic success for girls of color; and development of high-wage, high-demand nontraditional job grants. (SF 1123, HF 841)

“This act will provide more opportunities for women and girls of color to succeed in this world, especially in the emerging STEM field,” said Sen. Franzen. “Minnesota has a chance to give these women and girls of color an opportunity to succeed in business and education. It’s time we help them thrive and prosper amongst their peers.”

“We know women of color earn significantly less than their white and male counterparts. Beyond our work to require equal pay, the Women of Color Opportunity Act has a number of strategies to support all women and girls of color and indigenous women and girls succeed, prosper, and thrive,” said Rep. Moran. “While many career opportunities exist in emerging areas like STEM, women of color need access to capital to launch a business, to succeed in school or be versed in financial literacy education. I’m excited about how this bill will help women and girls across the state of Minnesota reach their full potential.”

Senator Franzen
Melisa Franzen represents District 49 in the southwest Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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