In the 2019 Session, Senate Republicans wanted to increase education funding by just a half-percent per pupil. They also ignored the special education cost increases, putting schools across the state in a budget hole.

#FundOurFuture #mnleg

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Every child deserves a high-quality education, and unfortunately, many children in our state are facing opportunity gaps due to funding. We need to invest in education to ensure that every student, regardless of their race or zip code, have an opportunity to succeed. 

Low funding for education hurts all of us. It hurts families, schools, and most importantly, doesn’t enhance academic success for Minnesota’s students. High quality education gives all Minnesota students the opportunity to succeed, and we must work together to ensure that.

We must work together to build a state that ensures all Minnesotans have access to high quality education. High quality education gives all Minnesota students the opportunity to succeed, regardless of race, gender, or geographic location.

Teachers continue to shape and help our children grow, and we know that in order for our students to exceed, we need quality teachers in our schools. Investing in education is crucial to retain these quality teachers, and will encourage more to join the teaching profession.



The Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act was blocked by Senate Republicans in 2019, and have refused to compromise the following summer.

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Lives are at stake, and we cannot wait any longer. No one should lose their life because they can’t afford the lifesaving medication they need.

The Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act was a strong proposal this past session that would have helped Minnesotans and held big pharma accountable. We can still do both, but only if we take action. Minnesotans cannot wait.

Lives lost to insulin rationing are preventable. We need to take immediate action by providing a program that gives Minnesotans access to emergency insulin. Nobody should die because they cannot afford their life-saving medication.

Senate Republicans continue to drag their feet on moving an emergency insulin program forward. We need to get this done, together. Lives are at stake and we can prevent further tragedies.

Paid Leave


A bill to create a paid family and medical leave program, which passed several House committees and is included in the House economic development budget. The bill was not heard in the Senate. (HF5/SF1060)

Provides Minnesota workers up to 12 weeks of paid leave in the event a family member becomes ill, to bond with a child, and to recover from a pregnancy or a serious health condition.

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Many Minnesotans lack access to paid family and medical leave benefits forcing them to choose between collecting a paycheck or caring for a loved one.

I support paid family and medical leave, because everyone should be able to take the time to care for themselves and loved ones without risking their job.

Not only is paid family and medical leave good for employees, it’s also great for businesses. Studies have shown that ensuring these benefits for employees lead to reduced job turnover, decreased presenteeism, reduced injuries, and overall better mental health of employees.

Senate Republicans continue to halt progress around paid family and medical leave. They have successfully stopped paid leave, and pushed legislation prohibiting cities from developing their own wage and benefit requirements. Workers deserve better than this.

Gun Violence Prevention


DFLers proposed two sensible gun violence prevention bills that have been proven to save lives. Republicans refused to hear both bills, and when forced to vote on them, voted against protecting Minnesotans.

#ProtectMN #EnoughIsEnough #mnleg

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Two crucial gun violence prevention bills were heard last session that would have kept Minnesotans safe, and Republicans refused to take a vote on them. Minnesotans deserve a legislature that takes action to curb the epidemic of senseless gun violence and one that works to keep our communities safe.

Mass shootings around the country are happening at alarming rates. We can take action by passing effective common-sense gun violence prevention laws – ones that keep our homes, schools, places of worship, and communities safe.

Our leaders of tomorrow are calling on us to take action against senseless gun violence. With common-sense gun safety laws and extreme risk protection orders, we can make our communities safer. The time is now.

Support for gun violence prevention among Minnesotans is broad as well as deep and crosses political, urban and rural, and gun owner and non-owner lines. We need to take action and pass common-sense gun violence prevention laws to help keep our communities safe.