Senator Franzen works to improve walking and biking routes to school

Senator Melisa Franzen (DFL-Edina) was joined by former Congressman Jim Oberstar at a rally in the Capitol Rotunda this week to highlight legislation to improve the safety of children walking and biking to school. The legislation invests in the Safe Routes to School program which is used to improve sidewalks and pathways as well as create incentives and educational materials encouraging kids to walk or bike to school.
“Growing up my mother constantly reminded me that she walked miles to and from school every day with other kids in her neighborhood,” said Sen Franzen. “I also walked to my high school every day. It never occurred to me until recently that the experiences that my mother and I had growing up are not available to most kids.”
Senator Franzen’s bipartisan proposal was introduced last week and will be headed to the Transportation Committee. As Sen. Franzen spoke to the crowd, she highlighted the importance of the bill and how it will help communities throughout the state.
“First, it provides parents and children options for transportation that are not only good for their health, but also good for the environment,” said Sen. Franzen. “Second, it empowers local communities to focus on options that are best for them. Engaging citizens to work on creating solutions rather than a one size fits all approach. Finally, it reduces costs: health care, transportation and the environment to name a few.”
For more information on Sen. Franzen’s Safe Routes to School legislation or any other legislative concerns, her office can be contacted by calling (651) 296-6238 or emailing

Senator Franzen
Melisa Franzen represents District 49 in the southwest Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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