Senator Goodwin’s 2013 Bills That Became Law

SF 1030: Modifying the duties of the Secretary of State for business operations.
SF 744: Providing immunity from prosecution for underage persons contacting 911 to seek assistance for self or another individual.
SF 668: Clarifying offender conditional release terms to begin at the time of prison release.
SF 509: Clarifying data protection for victims of violence.
SF 443: Providing additional whistleblower protection for state employees.
SF 346: Requiring forfeiture of money used or intended to be used to facilitate sex trafficking or prostitution.
SF 345: Authorizing the estate of a victim to request or enforce an order for restitution.
SF 327: Modifying the power of attorney form to provide additional clarity of the responsibilities of the power of attorney to help prevent abuse.
SF 316: Requiring estate sale conductors to provide counties with a corporate surety bond in a certain minimum amount.
SF 187: Allowing offenses for financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult to be aggregated over a six-month period.

Senator Barb Goodwin
Barb Goodwin represents District 41, which includes portions of Anoka, Hennepin, and Ramsey counties in the northern Twin Cities metropolitan area. She is the vice chair of the Judiciary Committee and Judiciary Budget Division.

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