Sens. Hayden, Sieben statements on President’s push to raise minimum wage

During his State of the Union speech last Tuesday night, President Obama called on Congress to pass legislation to raise the federal minimum hourly wage from $7.25 to $10.10 and announced his intent to raise the wage to $10.10 for future federal contract workers by executive order. Senate Assistant Majority Leader Katie Sieben (DFL-Cottage Grove) and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Hayden (DFL-Minneapolis), both supporters of proposals at the state legislature to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage to $9.50 per hour, released the following statements:

Sieben: “I applaud President Obama’s pledge to raise the minimum wage for future federal contract workers and join him in support of a wage increase for all workers. But we don’t need to wait for Congress to act—we plan to put a bill raising the wage in Minnesota on the Governor’s desk this session.”

Hayden: “No full-time worker in Minnesota should fall short of a living wage. It’s time to act. Along with the bold leadership we’re seeing in Washington from President Obama and Congressman Ellison, I’m committed to working here at the state legislature to ensure we achieve a minimum wage increase in Minnesota this year.”


Senator Jeff Hayden
Jeff Hayden represents District 62, which includes portions of south Minneapolis in Hennepin County in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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