Streamlining background checks for driver’s education instructors

Legislation was passed that streamlined the process of getting a background check for driver’s education instructors. Currently, potential instructors must go through an onerous process that puts much of the burden on themselves.

By clarifying the statute, the process is streamlined in a way that brings Department of Public Safety procedures into compliance with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) requirements for criminal background checks, and streamlines the process for Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) to receive background check results for individuals applying to be driver’s education instructors. This recommendation came from a stakeholder group comprised of the Driver Education Rule Committee.

The bill allows the commissioner of DPS to issue a temporary license, good for 180 days, if an applicant signs an affidavit stating that they have no gross misdemeanor or felony convictions from all past states of residence. The commissioner may also issue a temporary license if there is a delay in receiving national background check information. (H.F. 3175)

Senate DFL Media