Temporary right of way bill

The bill makes changes and provides clarity to the process of adding manure to land adjacent to roadways and addresses unintended consequences of previous legislation that was changed in the Omnibus “Lights On” Transportation Bill in 2015. The manure application process usually involves placing high pressure hoses on a road’s right-of-way. Current practice has the individual applying the manure obtain a permit from the local road authority.

It provides clarity so that the Commissioner of MnDOT has the authority to allow manure lines on the right of way, and allows a local road authority to set up a free permitting system and the requirements for a permit.

When local road authorities choose not to set up a permit system, the bill outlays general authority for owners or occupants to use local road right-of-ways for manure lines, provided the individual meets various requirements outlined in the legislation.

Lastly, the bill holds commercial animal waste technician companies liable for cleanup costs for spills or damage they cause during operations. (S.F. 3368)

Senate DFL Media