Dibble responds to Dayton’s call for sustainable transportation funding

The Governor’s indication today that he will not support anything less than a sufficient transportation funding package that serves all Minnesotans is good news. A comprehensive bill that makes sure everyone has access to opportunities, regardless of the circumstances of their lives, is vital. The Senate, House, and Governor seem to agree on the need for long-term transportation funding and I am eager to work toward a solution in conference committee.

Bakk applauds Dayton budget recommendations

This week Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook) invited Governor Dayton to attend a future caucus meeting of DFL Senators to discuss his budget. Sen. Bakk has released the following statement in response to Governor Dayton’s release of his budget recommendations.

Governor’s bonding proposal wisely invests in infrastructure

The Governor’s bonding proposal leaves a few questions, most notably why there was no funding for transit, and very little for major highway projects. The reason? Gov. Dayton stated that costly transit and roadwork repairs should be paid for through a comprehensive transportation funding package. While I am open to additional bonding for transportation projects, I couldn’t agree more with the Governor’s long-term vision for transportation in Minnesota.

Senators Stand with Governor Dayton

Senators make it clear they are in favor of an ongoing commitment to early childhood education One day after Governor Dayton announced he would be vetoing the legislature’s $400 million E-12 bill, seven DFL State Senators have made it clear they won’t be a road block to negotiations, saying they are in favor of the […] Read more

Sen. Wiger Responds to Governor’s Veto of E-12 Bill

In response to Governor Dayton’s announcement that he has vetoed the Legislature’s E-12 bill, Senate E-12 Budget Chair Sen. Chuck Wiger released the following statement: “I am proud of the bill we passed this legislative session and support the important proposals that will go a long way to help our schools: more money on the […] Read more