Grand Rapids Listening Tour: What we learned

When we left for Grand Rapids last Friday, I think the three of us weren’t quite sure what to expect. We wanted to talk to locals about what they were thinking, how they viewed St. Paul and the issues that were on the top of their minds.

Grand Rapids Listening Tour: The first step

On Friday we kicked off our listening tour up north by leaving St. Paul behind and caravanning up to Grand Rapids. We hail from Shoreview, Edina and Duluth, and we’ve chosen to leave our districts for a few days to begin talking to voters across Greater Minnesota.

DFL Legislators to hold Public Town Hall in Grand Rapids

St. Paul, Minn.—Sen. Jason Isaacson (DFL-Shoreview), Sen. Melisa Franzen (DFL-Edina), and Sen. Erik Simonson (DFL-Duluth) will be visiting Grand Rapids Saturday March 25. Along with taking a tour of the city, lead by local leaders, the three legislators will hold a Public Listening Session at the Sawmill Inn. All members of the public are invited to attend and share what issues they would like the State Legislature to focus on during the second half of the legislative session. All are welcome, this event is open to the press and public.


Who: Sen. Jason Isaacson (DFL-Shoreview), Sen. Melisa Franzen (DFL-Edina), and Sen. Erik Simonson (DFL-Duluth)

What: Public Town Hall and Listening Session

Where: Sawmill Inn 2301 Highway 169 South, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

When: 10 AM – Noon Saturday, March 25, 2017