Sen. Rest

2021 Tax Budget Bill is agreed upon

The 2021 special session convened yesterday to finish up the state budget agreements before the deadline of July 1. The agreed-upon budget bill for Taxes has been released already. The spreadsheet information can be found here.

Senator Rest appointed to the Taxes Conference Committee

Senator Ann Rest (DFL-New Hope) was appointed to serve on the House and Senate Taxes Conference Committee. Five appointed members from each legislative body will work over the course of the next few weeks to find a compromise on a final budget bill to bring back to the chamber of each legislative body for a final vote.

Senator Rest responds to Minnesota’s February budget forecast

The February budget forecast from Minnesota Management and Budget was presented today with a budget and economic forecast projecting a positive balance of $1.6 billion for the FY 2022-23 biennium. Minnesota’s budget outlook is significantly better for this biennium and the next due to an improved U.S. economic outlook that is bolstered by large federal actions that have emerged since November and were not incorporated in earlier projections.