Sen. Simonson

With Regular Session Adjourned, Senator Simonson Remains Committed to Providing Relief During COVID-19 Crisis

The 91st Session of the Minnesota Legislature adjourned at midnight Sunday night, bringing an extraordinary legislative session to a close. Much of the focus of this year’s session was upended by COVID-19 and its impact on the public health and economy of Minnesota. The legislature responded with a series of relief bills, but work remains to address the continued crisis, including a jobs-focused bonding bill that invests in Duluth.

Senator Simonson Supports Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources Bill

The Minnesota Senate passed the Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources Bill (SF 4499) Saturday, which included projects that would receive funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. This included $500,000 for Minnesota Point Pine Forest Scientific and Natural Area and Sky Harbor to protect old growth forest and the harbor.