Senator Simonson: Energy Efficiency Must Be Part of Carbon-Emissions Equation

The 8th Congressional District is home to more than 5,000 clean-energy jobs, out of nearly 60,000 across the state. Approximately four out of every five of these jobs are related to energy efficiency, which could include construction, heating and air conditioning work, and the installation of better lighting.

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Senators Bakk and Simonson: Republicans jeopardize $800 million private investment in Duluth

Essentia wants to make an $800 million private investment in its community and in a region in dire need of better medical care for its population. If that’s not something legislators of all political stripes can get behind, after we made a far bigger investment in southern Minnesota five short years ago, then we declare our legislative process entirely broken and incapable of addressing the needs of all the people of Minnesota.