Increase Teachers of Color Act

Saint Paul, MN – The Biennial Minnesota Teacher Supply and Demand report released last week underlined Minnesota’s severe and persistent shortage of teachers of color and American Indian teachers (TOCAIT). Sen. Patricia Torres Ray and Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein are introducing legislation to promote new and strengthened efforts to attract, prepare and retain more teachers of color and American Indian teachers in Minnesota.

Only 4.3 percent of all teachers are TOCAIT, while 33.5 percent of Minnesota students are of color and American Indian students. The percentage of students of color continues to grow but the percentage of TOCAIT remains the same.

WHO:             Senator Patricia Torres Ray (D-Minneapolis)

Representative Mary Kunesh-Podein (D-New Brighton)

WHAT:          Comprehensive legislation to increase the percentage of TOCAIT in Minnesota through systemic change and significant state investment to provide all students with more equitable access to effective and diverse teachers who more closely reflect the increasing diversity of E-12 students.

WHEN:          Monday, February 11, 2019, 9:00am

WHERE:       B971 Capitol Press Room

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