Vikings Stadium Hits Taxpayers 3X harder than Hennepin Ballpark Tax

Senator John Marty (DFL-Roseville) says it is time to address the scope of the Ramsey County sales tax increase required under the Vikings Stadium proposal. “The Vikings legislation would hit Ramsey County taxpayers more than three times as hard as the Hennepin sales tax for the Twins Ballpark, yet at the Capitol there has been almost no discussion of the local impact,” he pointed out.

Marty said that the Vikings lobbyists and the stadium bill authors are trying to hide the size of the taxpayer subsidy by talking only about the state tax increases and virtually ignoring the impact of the local tax increase.

“For every 30 cents Hennepin County taxpayers pay for the Twins Ballpark, Ramsey County taxpayers would be paying $1.00 for the Vikings tax–that’s three times the tax increase,” Marty said.

The Vikings stadium sales tax increase would be .5% in Ramsey County. In comparison, the Hennepin County sales tax increase is .15% for the Twins stadium. “Every purchase in Ramsey County, whether it be for tools, or toilet paper, or toys, or TVs, or whatever else, for the next 30 years, will have a half cent tax added, just to pay this subsidy to the Vikings.”

“Even supporters of the Twins Stadium acknowledge that the sales tax was unfair to Hennepin County taxpayers. This Vikings proposal is three times as unfair,” Marty charged.

Because of the large hit on Ramsey County residents and recent polls showing opposition to taxpayer funding for the stadium by a 74% to 22% margin, the legislation would prevent voters from having any say on this increase by blocking a voter referendum.

“The Vikings lobbyists and their political allies have a big reason to avoid discussion of the sales tax increase–they don’t want people to figure out how expensive this is.”


Senator John Marty
John Marty represents Roseville, Lauderdale, Falcon Heights and northern St. Paul.

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