Women’s Equality in Minnesota

The Women’s Economic Security Act was signed into law this past session, a major victory for all workers and families in Minnesota. The legislation provides equal employment opportunities and pay for women.

The collection of legislation seeks various policy changes:

— Closing the gender pay gap, requiring private businesses that contract with the state to report on pay equity within their workforce [On average, women make 80 cents for every dollar a man makes, according to House-provided info].
— Increasing income for working women and their families by increasing the minimum wage to $9.50.
— Expanding access to high-quality, affordable childcare.
— Expanding family and sick leave for working families, including paid sick and safe leave and expanding unpaid leave under the Minnesota Parental Leave Act.
— Enhance protections for victims of domestic violence.
— Encouraging women in non-traditional, high-wage jobs and support growth for women-owned small businesses.

“The Women’s Economic Security Act is more than just a win for women; it’s a win for working families in Minnesota,” said Senator Sandy Pappas (DFL-St. Paul). “By providing women more opportunities to succeed, we’re strengthening families and communities while improving our places of employment. This is a major step forward in the future of our great state.”

Senate DFL