10 reasons that Minnesota is better off after the 2014 legislative session

1. $1.2 Billion Budget surplus


Minnesota has the first budget surplus for the current and next biennium in seven years.

2. Minnesota now has 3 million jobs


Minnesota has fully recovered all jobs lost during the recession and unemployment is at a six-year low: At 4.6%, the state unemployment rate is at its lowest level since June 2007.

3. Provided more than $550 million in tax relief


We provided tax cuts for working families, students, teachers and businesses. Repaid our schools: Paid back $2.8 billion Republicans borrowed from schools to “balance” the state budget.

4. Repaid our schools


Paid back $.28 billion Republicans borrowed from our schools.

5.  Increased the budget reserve to $810.9 million

Every respected economist supports a higher budget reserve to protect Minnesota from economic volatility.

6. Funded all-day kindergarten


All-day kindergarten is now a reality for every Minnesota child — saving some families $2,500 a year per child.

7. Froze tuition for college students


Froze undergraduate tuition at public Minnesota colleges for two years. Also passed the largest investment in financial aid for college students in 25 years. This will help more than 100,000 Minnesota students afford higher education.

8. Strengthened opportunities for women in the workplace


We provided equal employment opportunities and pay for women, which improves our places of work and advances communities and families in Minnesota.

9. Made our schools safer


We protected all children from the threat of bullying in Minnesota schools by passing the Safe and Supportive Schools Act

10. Raised the minimum wage:


Working Minnesotans shouldn’t live in poverty. Increasing the minimum wage was an important step toward a future of more broadly shared prosperity

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