Building a better future for all Minnesotans

Minnesotans want a good life and a better future for our families and for our neighbors. We want affordable health care and post-secondary education; strong public schools in every town and neighborhood; good jobs that sustain our families and give us time to care for loved ones; and clean air and water for everyone, everywhere. That’s why we support the rights of Minnesotans to organize together to collectively bargain for a better life. And why we are building a coalition across race, place, and faith to ensure all Minnesotans have the care they need, a bright energy future and healthy climate, safe communities and a fair justice system, connected communities, the opportunity to achieve their dreams, and the time to care for themselves and their loved ones.

This year, we are standing up for the progressive values we share with Gov. Walz and the House DFL, even as we stand in the face of Republican obstructionism.

Issues we expect to come up in the 2020 Legislative Session:


While a $1.3 billion balance is good news, we must remember much of this is not available for ongoing spending. We will not let poor budgeting decisions jeopardize Minnesota’s economic future. This budget forecast is simply one-time money that needs to be cautiously distributed while still caring for the Minnesotans who need us most.


Bonding bills create good-paying jobs through the state and boost both the local and state economies. Governor Walz and Lt. Governor Flanagan proposed investing $1.27 billion in community infrastructure projects across the state. The proposal balances the needs of the state, with 22% of projects in Greater Minnesota, 27% in the Twin Cities area, and 51% having impacts statewide. DFLers will prioritize necessary and targeted investments in communities throughout Minnesota so our infrastructure keeps up with the needs of the people it serves.

Progressive Values

The Senate DFL is proud of our progressive record. Together with a House DFL majority, we raised the statewide minimum wage and affirmed the right for same-sex couples to marry in Minnesota. We repaid Pawlenty’s entire school shift and passed a bill to protect students from being bullied while they learn.

We want the opportunity to continue with a progressive agenda that:

  • Ensures all Minnesotans have access to the prescription drugs they need at a price they can afford, especially life-saving medications like insulin.
  • Guarantee every working Minnesotan has access to paid sick time and extended paid family and medical leave to care for themselves or a loved one.
  • Put Minnesota on the path to meet or exceed our state’s clean energy and climate change goals.
  • Advocate for fully-funding public education from affordable childcare and public pre-K through job training and higher education so all Minnesotans can reach their full potential.
  • Make meaningful investments in community infrastructure, including utility systems, transportation, and broadband.
  • Prevent senseless gun violence in our communities by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals or those who may hurt themselves or others.
  • Pursue common-sense criminal justice reform that focuses on prevention, fairness, and redemption. 
  • The Senate DFL is optimistic about the growing number of Minnesotans choosing to be involved in the political and legislative processes. Together with our communities we can continue our progressive track record and make positive changes for Minnesotans.

Climate Change, Clean Energy, and Environment

All Minnesotans deserve a bright clean energy future and healthy climate. Together, Minnesotans know we need to take bold action across our differences for what we care about in common: ...

Community Infrastructure

All Minnesota communities are strongest when connected. The state’s crumbling infrastructure is putting Minnesotans’ way of life at risk. We need to invest meaningfully in rural revitalization, public transit expansion, ...

Economic Security

In Minnesota we care about each other and our families We need to make sure every community thrives across Minnesota by expanding access to affordable childcare and housing, investing in ...

Effective, Responsive Government

Minnesotans enjoy a high-level of quality of life here in this state, and that’s due in large part to the work DFL legislators have done with Governors Walz and Dayton ...

Election Security & Voter Rights

Whether it’s the Women’s March, record voter turnout, or an increase in people considering a run for office, it’s clear more Minnesotans want their voices to be heard. The Senate ...

Fully Funded Education

All Minnesotans should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. We’re committed to a future in which all Minnesotans have a path to success. To ensure quality education in Minnesota, ...

Health Care

All Minnesotans should have the care they need. Minnesotans believe every person should have high-quality, affordable health care, no matter their gender, age, where they live, or what they look ...

Other Issues

Sports Betting Legalization In 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 that prohibited most states from legalizing sports gambling. In Murphy ...

Safety and Justice

All Minnesotans deserve safe communities and a fair justice system. No matter where we were born, how we pray, or what we look like, every Minnesotan should feel safe in ...

Supporting Our Veterans and Military

Senate Republicans passed an original budget bill for veterans and military services in 2019 that would have cut funding for CORE services and recruitment funding. Senate DFLers were able to ...


Minnesotans enjoy a high-level of quality of life here in this state, and that’s due in large part to the work DFLers in the Senate, House, and governor’s office have ...