The Senate DFL is committed to a future in which all Minnesotans have a path to success. Children of every race, zip code, and economic status, from early childhood, through higher education, deserve a supportive, equitable, quality education from teachers with diverse backgrounds. We must prioritize investing in our schools to close the opportunity gaps our children are facing and support their mental health needs, both of which were highlighted even more during the pandemic. As our students move on to post-secondary opportunities, we need to ensure that they are affordable and accessible to all students and that we are meeting the needs of a 21st-century workforce.

Fully fund education

We’re committed to a future in which all Minnesotans have a path to success. Some in power have spent years starving our public schools to satisfy their wealthy donors, dividing our communities and families against one another, leaving us with unaffordable childcare, unavailable pre-K, underfunded public schools, and post-secondary education with a lifetime of debt. We’re ready to make smart, significant funding increases so all children – no matter their zip code, race, or economic status – can thrive.

Increase teachers of color and indigenous teachers (BIPOC)

We know that to succeed, students need quality teachers in their classrooms. We must increase our investment in education to encourage young people into the teaching profession, help retain quality teachers, and enable more people of color to become Minnesota teachers.

Students do better when they identify closely with their teachers and their values. Currently, we have 38% of students in Minnesota who are BIPOC and only 7% of teachers are. This is a travesty.

Minnesota schools, teachers, and education staff stepped up to the plate during the COVID-19 epidemic. The wrap-around services they were able to provide should continue even after the epidemic subsides; our schools are the lifeblood of our communities.

Meet student’s mental health and non-academic needs

Minnesota has consistently been near the bottom nationally in the ratio of school counselors to students. Senate DFLers have put forward solutions to increase school support staff in our schools and those efforts have been blocked by Senate Republicans. We know that the need for mental health support has only grown during this pandemic. Our students deserve better. We must do more to invest in the whole child, which includes supporting their mental health and other non-academic needs.

Workforce development/skills training

A vibrant 21st-century economy requires a 21st-century workforce, and the Senate DFL is committed to investing in the programs and resources that can prepare every Minnesotan for success. Whether it’s an apprenticeship, learning career, and technical skills in a community college, or a four-year liberal arts education.