2023 Regular Session Overview

After years of gridlock, Minnesotans wanted a Senate that would deliver action, not obstruction. They wanted a legislature that would do the work that needed to be done, that would deliver bold solutions to the big challenges facing our state.

That’s why in November Minnesotans re-elected a DFL House, a DFL Governor, and for the first time in six years a DFL Senate Majority.

Our new Senate DFL Majority made a promise to Minnesota – that we would build an economy that works for all Minnesotans; protect rights, expand freedoms, and defend democracy; lower costs and bring stability; and ensure safe communities, strong schools, and a healthy climate for all. This is the agenda we proposed because that’s the agenda Minnesotans wanted.

We delivered historic investments in the needs of our communities in areas like education, health care, housing, childcare, and public safety, and passed a balanced budget without a special session.

We delivered for younger Minnesotans, from taking bold action against climate change to ensuring that no child goes hungry in our schools to banning the barbaric practice of conversion therapy.

We delivered $3 billion in tax relief, the largest package of tax relief in state history that will help seniors, renters, homeowners, working families, and provides direct rebate checks to Minnesotans.

We delivered $2.6 billion in funding for public works projects across the state that will revitalize our communities, strengthen our infrastructure, and create jobs across Minnesota.

And we protected and expanded the fundamental rights of Minnesotans, to receive the care they need to live full lives, including guaranteeing the right to reproductive health care.

The 2023 Legislative Session was a transformational session for Minnesota but there is more work to do to move our state forward. The 34 members of the Senate DFL majority are ready to get it done.

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