Adult-Use Cannabis: Legalizing, Regulating and Expunging

Senate DFLers in 2023 passed a bill to legalize, regulate, and expunge cannabis. That bill included provisions to begin standing up the industry, including establishing an Office of Cannabis Management. The new Office of Cannabis Management has been working on establishing itself since July of 2023, including providing legislative recommendations to ensure a successful cannabis market launch.

The recommendations came together in the passage of the agency’s bill and includes moving to a well- vetted lottery system for licenses that prioritize social equity, adjusting the definition of a social equity applicant to make it more comprehensive, and allowing for early cultivation to ensure sufficient supply. Municipal run cannabis businesses are also given strong consideration in the lottery process.

The bill also made adjustments to the state’s medical cannabis program to ensure better access and protections for patients and allows for stronger regulation of cannabis products.

A successful market launch and the cannabis industry as a whole is stronger as a result of the passage of this bill. (HF 4757)

Senate DFL Media