5% Rally for Quality Care

Several hundred advocates, care providers, and others rallied this week for a 5% increase in funding for primary care attendants and those who care for seniors in their homes. Last year, the 5% Campaign created a coalition that was able to secure this increase in wages for the hard-working men and women who take care of some of Minnesota’s most vulnerable citizens.

While this funding increase has helped many of these people continue in their profession, their wages remain low, and job turnover remains high. This is making it difficult to for sustainable high-quality care. The 5% Campaign is working towards another increase for this year, citing the budget surplus as one reason why this increase can happen. Proponents of the bill argue that this increase will make it easier for care providers to stay in their positions, which is vital to providing the high-quality care and quality of life that every Minnesotan deserves. (S.F. 646)

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