A Valentine’s Day rally to protect love for all Minnesotans

LGBTQ activists rallied with Governor Walz and DFL Senators at the State Capitol on Valentine’s Day, demanding an end to conversion “therapy” practices in the state. The program has been condemned and discredited by the American Psychological Association due to the irreparable damage this type of “therapy” can do to LGBTQ youth.

Last year, a proposal to ban the practice was successfully passed by the DFL House. Despite speaking up in support of the measure, every single Republican in the Senate voted against the ban when it was offered by Senate DFLers as an amendment to the 2019 Health and Human Services Omnibus bill.

Because of the Republican’s failure to pass the measure in 2019, young people across the state have continued to be subjected to this harmful and discredited practice. Senate DFLers will once again fight for the legislation’s passage this session. With conservative states like Utah successfully banning the practice of conversion “therapy” in early 2020 and Oklahoma working to also ban the practice this year, it is unacceptable that Minnesota has not yet done so.

Every day, young LGBTQ Minnesotans who are subjected to the harmful and discredited practice of so-called conversion “therapy” are suffering the consequences. They cannot wait, and the Senate DFL will continue to fight for an end to this practice in Minnesota.