Accountability and Transparency Key to MNsure Oversight Reform

Lourey PortraitAs a whole, MNsure, the Minnesota health insurance exchange, has made significant progress; thousands of Minnesotans who were once without health insurance are now covered. That is not to say that the MNsure rollout went smoothly. Technical glitches made the important process of accessing coverage frustrating for many, and the public-private governance of MNsure did not provide enough transparency for the public, elected officials, or industry leaders.

To address these issues, State Senator Tony Lourey (DFL-Kerrick), Chair of the Health and Human Services Budget Division, has introduced legislation that will provide greater oversight of the health insurance exchange. The bill would transform MNsure into a state agency, with a commissioner appointed by the governor who would be accountable to the executive branch, legislators, and most importantly the public. The bill was introduced Thursday and would make sure that all the actions and decisions made by MNsure are cost effective, transparent, and efficient.

MNsure is still open for business and MNsure continues to be the only place that Minnesotans can find the financial help they may be eligible for, such as tax credits, low-cost or no-cost coverage. (S.F. 139)

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