Addressing security and public safety concerns at the Minnesota Capitol

The Capitol Security Advising Committee met this week to discuss ways to increase security at the Capitol. An upgraded study was proposed to look at the entire capitol complex for security enhancements and the need for increased funding in the $10 million budget. The Department of Public Safety presented a general overview of proposals including:

  • Increasing the number of state troopers and capitol security assigned to the complex
  • Adding an analyst to help track potential threats and security concerns
  • Requiring body cameras for security staff on complex
  • Increasing funding to ensure adequate security needs are met and can be increased when there are threats or concerns
  • Fences around the Capitol and governor’s mansion
  • Bicycle response team option
  • Technology options to help with communication between officers
  • Shot spotter system and magnet
  • Further training for assigned security
  • Metal detectors and a discussion on firearms at the capitol

The discussion is set to continue in February, with two more meetings, the first focusing on the budget and policy proposals as well as the options presented in this week’s meeting.