Advocating Change Together

Advocating Change Together (ACT) is a non-profit, disability rights organization that is run by and for persons with disabilities. ACT’s programs seek to build the skills of individuals by providing information, training, and leadership opportunities. They also organize persons with disabilities to work together to challenge the daily barriers they face.

In 2013, the Legislature provided a one-time appropriation of $310,000 to ACT in the Health and Human Services Budget. The appropriation funded peer-to-peer training programs, skill development, and the operating costs of maintaining the organization’s facilities.

Two appropriations bills were heard in the Health and Human Services Budget Division this week. S.F. 36 would appropriate $377,000 so the organization could provide training to self-advocates to advance the goals of the Minnesota Olmstead Plan. Most of the funds ($210,000) will be awarded as sub-grants to facilitate the implementation of the Olmstead Plan throughout the state. With the $490,000 appropriated in S.F. 59, ACT will also be able to continue the work it started with the 2013 funds. (S.F. 36/S.F. 59)

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