Omnibus Agriculture and Environment Bill, Special Session

Although there were some technical changes made to the Agriculture section after Governor Dayton vetoed the Omnibus Agriculture and Environment bill, the Agriculture provisions included in the final Special Session Bill ultimately matched those from the vetoed bill. Those provisions ...
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Other Ag Bills Passed in Regular Session

Emergency Funding for Avian Flu Legislation was signed into law to provide emergency funding of nearly $900,000 to aid the state’s response to the avian flu epidemic, which has now stricken more than 103 farms in 23 Minnesota counties. Avian ...
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VETOED: Omnibus Agriculture Bill

The Omnibus Agriculture and Environment Bill was vetoed by Governor Dayton. As mentioned above, the final bill contained many of the provisions vetoed. Below are major agriculture initiatives of the original Omnibus Agriculture and Environment Bill: Livestock Damage from Wolves: ...
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Other Ag Bills that Did Not Pass

Tax Credit for Beginning Farmers In an attempt to strengthen Minnesota’s local and family farms, two tax credits were proposed this session. The first tax credit was designed to incentivize the selling or renting of agriculture land, equipment, or other ...
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