Tax Credit for Beginning Farmers

In an attempt to strengthen Minnesota’s local and family farms, a set of tax credits has been proposed in the Jobs, Agriculture, and Rural Development Committee. The first tax credit ...
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Industrial hemp in Minnesota is an economic opportunity for the state’s farming and manufacturing sectors. A bill to allow Minnesota to join a growing list of states with laws to ...
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Minnesota Seed Law

The Duluth Public Library, in partnership with the Institute for a Sustainable Future, launched the state’s first Seed Library in 2014. The Seed Library allows library patrons to sign-up to ...
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Agriculture Research, Education, and Technology

This bill proposes broader investment and oversight in the state’s agricultural research and educational initiatives through dedicated funding and the creation of the Agriculture Research, Education, and Technology Transfer Board ...
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Agricultural Educator Grant Program

There is a significant shortage of agricultural educators in Minnesota’s schools. With the broad range of opportunities in Minnesota’s agribusiness sector, it can be difficult to recruit and retain agriculture ...
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Livestock Industry Study

The changing landscape of the state’s livestock industry has been a significant point of concern and discussion recently at the legislature. Over the past 25 years, the swine industry has ...
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