An Earlier Primary Election

Minnesota has long prided itself on turnout during elections. However, the state has seen its share of voter turnout go down recently. One proposal to boost turnout, which was given an informational hearing on Thursday in the Rules Committee, is to change the date of the state primary from August. The new primary date would have it be held on the first Tuesday after the third Monday in  June in each even-numbered year to select the nominees of the major political parties for partisan offices and the nominees for nonpartisan offices to be filled at the state general election, other than presidential electors.

Proponents of the legislation believe making this change would make it easier for voters to be more engaged in the summer, and that it will allow campaigning for the general election can begin sooner. Opponents of the bill argue that the legislation will result in longer campaigns, and that the change will be a disadvantage to sitting legislators because they will unable to engage the public while their competitor may. (S.F. 1394)

Senate DFL Media