Senator Bobby Joe Champion

Bobby Joe Champion represents District 59, which includes portions of downtown and north Minneapolis in Hennepin County. He is also an attorney. Learn more about Sen. Champion. Read more news from Sen. Champion.

Senator Bobby Joe Champion Helps Push Bonus Pay for Post-9/11 War Veterans Through Senate During Veterans Bill Debate, Urges Veterans to Apply for Bonuses

Senator Bobby Joe Champion (DFL – Minneapolis) said he joined with DFL Senators in successfully pushing a measure through the Senate to deliver pay for Minnesota’s veterans, or their beneficiaries, who served in the United States armed forces during the post-9/11 service period. While the Senate Republican version of the legislation did not include the bonuses, DFL legislators successfully pushed to include this support in the final bill. The bill has since been signed into law by Governor Walz and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs will soon announce the application process.

Senate DFLers Offer Support for Victims of Wage Theft, Call for Tougher Enforcement

“The treatment of workers involved in the Viking Lakes project is stunning and unacceptable,” said Senator Bobby Joe Champion (DFL-Minneapolis). “I commend the bravery of the dozens of workers who have stepped forward to report over $100,000 in wage theft. The scope of their allegations indicates that wage theft is not only a regular occurrence on these projects but a part of the subcontractors’ business models. While I offered an amendment this session to prevent Senate Republicans from weakening wage theft laws, they blocked it. This story makes clear that instead of weakening wage theft laws, we need to strengthen them. I will continue to press for stricter enforcement of Minnesota’s strong wage theft laws.”

Despite passing legislation on wage theft in 2019 that strengthened penalties for businesses that engaged in it, enforcement has been difficult due to a lack of resources. Additionally, in the debate on the Senate Jobs and Energy Omnibus Bill on April 26, Senate DFLers offered an amendment to block Senate Republican efforts which loosens requirements and reduces penalties for employers that commit wage theft. Senate Republicans blocked this amendment.