Senator Foung Hawj

Foung Hawj represents District 67, which includes the east side of Saint Paul in Ramsey County in the central Twin Cities metropolitan area. Learn more about Sen. Hawj. Read more news from Sen. Hawj.

Senator Foung Hawj Encourages MN Frontline Workers To Apply for Bonus Checks Earned During Deadly Pandemic

Senator Foung Hawj (DFL-St. Paul) said today that more than 667,000 Minnesota frontline workers are eligible for one-time bonus checks of up to $750 and she encouraged workers to sign up for updates about eligibility and the application process at  The legislation authorizing the checks passed the Senate recently and was signed into law by Governor Walz. 

Senator Foung Hawj Pushes Legislation to Increase The Number of Farmers of Color in Minnesota  

Senator Foung Hawj (DFL-St. Paul) today pushed his legislation to award grants to Minnesota groups working to expand the number of farmers of color in the state, saying the measure would provide resources and tools for African American farmers needing help in their farming operations, while also increasing access to fresh food and cutting the number of food deserts in communities of color.