Bakk responds to Range Association of Municipalities and Schools announcement of Sen. Tomassoni as Executive Director

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook) released the following statement concerning Sen. David Tomassoni’s employment at the Range Association of Municipalities and Schools.

“As Sen. Tomassoni has publicly indicated, he has received the legal opinion of private counsel,” Sen. Bakk said. “It is my understanding that Sen. Tomassoni and his private counsel are promptly requesting an advisory opinion from the Campaign Finance Board to determine if under 10A.07 a conflict exists by his acceptance of the Executive Director position at Range Association of Municipalities and Schools,” Sen. Bakk said. “The Campaign Finance Board is the institution intended to resolve and advise on potential conflicts of interest concerning public officials, when they return their advisory opinion Sen. Tomassoni will have clear direction.”

Senate DFL