Batter up? Senate Republicans strike out on bonding bill

Senate Republicans showed up to play ball on the bonding bill, but they forgot the bats. And the bases. And the gloves. Minnesota lawmakers are expected to put forth big, bold ideas, but the Republican plan barely scratches the surface of what is needed to repair and preserve taxpayer assets, putting families and businesses on the hook for billions down the road.

If Republicans continue to ignore the growing backlog of public works requests from their local governments, Minnesotans’ quality of life will decline as a result and businesses will look to other states to invest and create jobs. A strong economy is possible when the private and public sectors work together hand in hand, but Senate Republicans’ plan likely leaves some businesses scratching their heads.

Senate Republicans are playing small ball with their bonding bill. DFL Senators are ready to step up to the plate and hit a grand slam for Minnesota taxpayers. To get the needed 41 votes to pass their bill, Senate Republicans need DFL support. Upgrading their proposal and getting serious with addressing taxpayer assets would be a good start.