Bill expands eligibility for Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards incentive program

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The Energy and Utilities Committee advanced a bill Tuesday that makes solar energy systems of up to 40 kilowatts eligible for solar energy production incentives under Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards Program, essentially doubling the capacity allowed under current law.

Most utilities in Minnesota offer solar energy incentives, which can offset a significant portion of the cost of installing a solar energy system and help to reduce energy bills. Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards program provides an incentive of $.08 per kilowatt hour produced, paid annually over ten years. The current 20 kilowatt cap limits eligibility to mostly residential applicants. Doubling the capacity to 40 kilowatts would bring small commercial business applicants into the program as well. The bill was forwarded to the Senate floor with bipartisan support. (SF 2696)