Bill lowering standards for nurses works its way through committee

Legislation opposed by Minnesota nurses was once again introduced this year that would make it easier for out-of-state nurses to work in Minnesota. A bill implementing the Nurse Licensure Compact was heard in the Health and Human Services Committee earlier this week.

Minnesota nurses provide some of the highest-quality care in the nation.  Our high standards and educated, compassionate workforce make Minnesota a standout.  Opponents argue that this legislation would make it a race to the bottom.   It would allow nurses from states with weaker standards to practice in Minnesota through a system that is difficult to monitor and more challenging to provide oversight.  Opponents are also concerned that it may chip away at collective bargaining power.

Minnesota already recognizes the licenses of nurses from of all of our border states through a reciprocity law. This legislation is unnecessary and a move in the wrong direction for Minnesota. (SF 3305)