Bill to fund outdoor heritage projects moves forward

The Senate Finance Committee heard a bill this week that would provide funding from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, one of four ‘Legacy’ funds passed by Minnesota voters in 2008 as part of the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy constitutional amendment. This annual bill funds projects designed to restore, protect, and enhance wetlands, prairies, forests, and habitats for fish, game, and wildlife.

This year’s bill appropriates $159.049 million from the fund as follows:

  • $35.033 million for nine projects related to prairies
  • $13.26 million for five projects related to forests
  • $26.77 million for seven projects related to wetlands
  • $83.36 million for 22 projects related to habitats

The Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council (LSOHC) vets projects each year and makes spending recommendations to the Legislature for the fund. This year’s bill preserves the LSOHC recommendations and has bipartisan support.

Its next stop is the Senate Floor where it will be considered by the entire body, after which any differences will need to be worked out with the House in conference committee. (SF 3701)