Bill to increase vaccination reimbursement heads to the floor

A bill moving through the Legislature would increase the reimbursement rate for a COVID-19 vaccine for Medical Assistance (MA) enrollees up to the Medicare rate. Bills in both the Senate and the House have been sent to the floor after being vetted by Health and Human Services and Finance committees.

COVID-19 vaccines like the Pfizer and Moderna options require stricter handling and distribution protocols than most other vaccines, but that’s not reflected in MA reimbursement rates that vaccine providers receive for their work. Right now, Medicaid rates are around $12.84 per dose while Medicare rates are over double that rate.

The federal government recently authorized this change, and as part of the American Rescue Plan, will cover 100% of the costs for vaccine administration, making this bill essentially budget neutral. This increase would last for the duration of the federal public health emergency and make sure that Minnesota providers have the resources they need to get people vaccinated as quickly and safely as possible. (SF 1156)