Bipartisan push to provide better support to veterans and service members

The Veterans and Military Affairs Committee advanced a series of bipartisan and DFL sponsored bills this week that would invest in new Veterans homes across Minnesota, deliver meals to Minnesota veterans in need, and deliver additional investment to the Minnesota National Guard to maintain force levels.

A DFL sponsored bill that would invest $938,000 into the Metro Meals on Wheels program, a charitable program that provides meals to Minnesotans in need, received its first hearing this week. Under the bill, Metro Meals on Wheels would receive the necessary financial resources to expand a veteran focused program that will provide meals and social support to veterans. (SF 2933)

Additionally, a bipartisan package of legislation was unanimously passed in committee this week that would invest close to $27 million into design improvements and required furniture and fixture additions to the Veterans homes located in Bemidji, Montevideo, and Preston. Once opened, these new homes will collectively house 198 veterans. (SF 3875, SF 4181)

Senate DFLers also supported legislation that provides an additional $2 million in ongoing funding to the Minnesota National Guard for enlistment incentives. Force retention and recruitment remains the top priority for the National Guard and Walz administration as the guard faces declining force levels and an expanding state and federal mission. (SF 3875)

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