Board of Regents

The Legislature had the responsibility of choosing five University of Minnesota Regents this year, filling the positions of four regent terms slated to expire in 2015, and one regent to serve the remainder of former third district regent David Larson, who passed away unexpectedly last year. The regent vacancies were in the first, fourth, sixth and seventh congressional districts, while the regent elected to fill the vacancy of regent Larson will serve out his term, ending in 2017.

Selection of the Board of Regents was done through a joint legislative convention of the two bodies. Candidates needed a simple majority to be elected to the Board. The following Regents were selected:

Dr. Patricia Simmons for CD 1
Darrin Rosha for CD 3
Rick Beeson, current Chair of the Board, for CD 4
Michael Hsu for CD 6
Tom Anderson for CD 7

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