Body camera data regulations clear Senate Floor

On Thursday, a bill regarding the use of automated license plate readers was amended to include guidelines on the use and retention of data collected from body cameras used by police officers. The bill would presumptively define all data collected from body cameras as private, unless the footage was recorded in a public place and involved the use of a dangerous weapon or physical force by a peace officer that caused at least substantial bodily harm. This legislation also allows for victims to gain access to the data, and spells out a process for a person to initiate court proceedings to gain access to data that was recorded in a non-public situation. Body camera footage is also an important tool to aid in law enforcement investigations, but law enforcement agencies should not be able to retain the footage indefinitely without cause. The bill today says, except in very specific circumstances, law enforcement agencies must maintain the footage for 90 days and then destroy it with in the year. (S.F. 86 – A19)

Senate DFL Media