Bonding Bill status

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The Capital Investment Committee passed Senator Senjem’s bonding bill last week. Commissioners and the public testified with their concerns as well as support for the proposal. The bill has several challenges because Capital Investment bills are subject to specific rules. The bill needs to originate in the House and a super majority is necessary to pass the bill. It is also unclear if the Governor will support the proposal as drafted. Senator Senjem has not sought the advice of DFL senators despite needing at least 7 votes from their caucus to get to the super majority required if the bill is to pass off the Senate Floor.

The House has been reluctant in moving forward with a bonding bill. At this time, they have not scheduled a hearing and it doesn’t look like they will anytime soon. While it is still early in the legislative session, the House is clearly taking their time relative to the speed that the Senate is moving. (SF 210)