Border to Border Broadband Video Series (Kelly Hinnenkamp, Annandale City Admin.)

The Minnesota legislature is considering creating a new Border-to-border Broadband Development Grant Program. The legislation will encourage broadband development in unserved and underserved areas of the state.

Expanding broadband is not a new conversation, but Minnesota has yet to make a serious investment in broadband infrastructure and current state laws are holding back possible local investment. Proponents believe that funding from the state could help businesses, farming, health care and education, while also allowing aging Minnesotans to live more independently in Greater Minnesota.

This video series features experts discussing the importance of making sure every Minnesotan has the ability to get connected to high speed broadband.

This video features Kelly Hinnenkamp, Annandale City Administrator, who discusses the affect of slow internet speeds on businesses, schools and health care facilities:

Daniel Hicks