Boys and Girls Club Supporting Youth Workforce Development

The Boys and Girls Club in Minnesota serves more than 52,000 youths every year. Legislation introduced this year would provide $1.5 million over the biennium to Clubs across the state to support efforts in youth workforce development.

The Boys and Girls Club provides opportunities for many of the state’s most challenged youth. Clubs give kids a place to go, meals to eat, mentorship, educational resources they might not otherwise have, and hope for a bright future they may not have thought possible.

The Club also provides a Workforce Development Initiative Program that starts at the age of 8, teaching members’ skills for setting and achieving goals and helping them identify their own strengths. Several other workforce programs are aimed to help club members aged 14-18 explore careers and assess skills and interests, as well as helping teens learn how to identify job opportunities and write effective resumes.

Minnesota has been a partner with the Boys and Girls Club for the past 10 years. (S.F. 428)

Senate DFL Media