Senate DFL Accomplishments:

Building an Economy that Works for All Minnesotans

Senate DFLers have been fighting for a level playing field for all workers, small businesses, and family farmers. We passed legislation to protect workers and help grow the middle class.

We delivered $2.6 billion in funding for public works projects across the state that will revitalize our communities, strengthen our infrastructure, and create jobs across Minnesota.

Protecting Workers and Growing the Middle Class

    • Omnibus Tax bill (HF 1938)
      • In 2023, DFL legislators passed the largest income tax cut in state history, delivering more than $3 billion in new tax benefits to Minnesotans.
        • Social Security: No couple earning less than $100,000 a year will pay state income tax on Social Security benefits, the equivalent of about 76% of Minnesotans that receive Social Security.
        • Child Tax Credit: Created a refundable Child Tax Credit of up to $1,750 per child. Estimated to reduce child poverty in Minnesota by up to one-third.
        • Property Tax Relief: Expanded tax relief for homeowners, renters, farmers and seniors.
        • Public Pensions: New subtraction for Minnesota seniors who receive public pensions.
        • K-12 Education Credit: a new credit for education related expenses for families with children in K-12 schools.
        • Expanded filing assistance for taxpayers through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.
      • $300 million in public safety aid for Minnesota Communities
    • Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair (CROWN) Act (HF 37)
      • Black women are up to 1.5 times more likely to be sent home because of the way they’re wearing their hair. 1 in 2 Black children have experienced hair discrimination as early as five years old.
      • We took action to add protections to the state’s Human Rights Act for natural hair.
      • In the news: ‘A more equitable Minnesota’: Walz signs CROWN Act into law
    • Commerce and Consumer Protection omnibus budget bill (SF 2744)
      •  Funding
        • $10 million (FY24-25) and $10 million (FY 26-27)
        • Helps reduce costs for Minnesotans by capping payday lending rates, creating a drug price affordability board, and banning price gouging in states of emergency.
    • Omnibus Labor policy bill (SF 1384)
      • Banned Captive Audience Meetings that suppress worker organizing.
      • Strengthened the Women’s Economic Security Act by protecting lactating employees access to break time at work and parental leave benefits.
      • Bans restrictive franchise agreements.

Investing in Communities, Infrastructure, and Agriculture

  • Transportation omnibus budget bill (HF 2887)
    • Delivers sustainable, dedicated, and ongoing funding for roads, bridges, and transit over the next four years, investing more than $3.9 billion in fixing our critical infrastructure statewide.
    • Appropriates $650 million to unlock more than $7.8 billion in federal funds for infrastructure projects across Minnesota.
  • Omnibus Agriculture, Broadband, and Rural Development bill (SF 1955)
    • Funding: $148 million
    • Grain Indemnity Fund: Protects producers with the state’s first ever grain indemnity fund to help producers when grain elevators go out of business.
    • Broadband: Invests $100 million to expand high-speed broadband access across Minnesota.
    • DAIRI: Dairy Assistance, Investment and Relief Initiative to help alleviate financial risks of inflation and high commodity prices.
    • Meat Processing: $2.5 million in funding for the start-up, expansion, and modernization of small and medium sized meat, poultry, egg, and milk processing facilities
    • Ag Research: Supporting innovation by investing in crop research, U of M Forever Green Initiatives, and more.