Business groups support Gov. Walz stay-at-home initiative

Yesterday, Senate Republicans issued a statement announcing their “grave concerns” regarding Governor Walz’s stay-at-home Executive Order, which was issued based on the latest data and modeling showing its effectiveness in pushing the peak of the pandemic back by several weeks. Despite Republican “concerns”, the Executive Order was given strong praise by many of Minnesota’s business organizations who are supporting the governor’s decision to prioritize protecting the lives and safety of Minnesotans.

Charlie Weaver, Executive Director of the Minnesota Business Partnership, issued the following statement regarding Governor Walz’s Stay-at-Home Executive Order: “The Partnership supports Governor Walz’s decision to issue a stay-at-home Order, which allows our state to effectively confront this public health threat while ensuring key sectors of our economy continue to function. Minnesota’s business leaders are united in the fight against the COVID outbreak and will continue to work with state leaders to confront this threat.” Minnesota Chamber of Commerce President Doug Loon also issued a statement regarding additional restrictions to combat the coronavirus pandemic: “Minnesotans’ health and safety are paramount concerns for all of us. We have heard from countless Chamber members anticipating the impact of staying at home, and we understand that balance is essential in how government responds to safeguard public health and protect the economy for the long-term. We appreciate Governor Walz’s leadership and share his goal to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Minnesota, and to keep the private sector in position to return to full productivity and full employment as soon as possible.”