Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board changes

To continue to ensure Minnesota has strong campaign finance and disclosure rules, legislation was passed off of the floor of the Senate this week. It contains some notable and substantial changes:

  • Increases the late filing fee to $25 per day ($1,000 max) for lobbyist registrations, representation disclosure filings, and campaign finance registration.
  • Requires the filing of an annual supplemental economic interest statement for all officials, even if their interests have not changed.
  • Requires judicial candidates to identify the seat they are running for and formalizes a fixed contribution limit in every 2-year segment.
  • Transfers the oversight of the prohibition of accepting corporate contributions from the Office of Administrative Hearings to the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.
  • Extends the penalty for willfully issuing a political contribution refund receipt to someone who did not make a contribution to a candidate.
  • Eliminates the requirement that the Board must release reports of all party units at the same time.
  • Requires recipients and donors to report registration numbers on campaign finance reports filed with the Board.
  • Provides greater clarification to the “prepared and paid for” disclaimer.

(S.F. 205)

Senate DFL Media