CARE Act Passes Senate Floor

150413_AO_0500Legislation to improve health care quality for Minnesotans passed off of the Senate Floor by a 59-2 vote Monday.  The CARE ACT encourages patients to select an aftercare caregiver when they are admitted to a hospital as a way to ensure they have someone to check up on them.

The person designated as the post-hospital caregiver would be responsible for providing the care a patient needs after their hospital stay. Hospitals would also provide the designated caregiver training on aftercare needs and instructions. Many hospitals are already performing these functions, but this process will more formally document a caregiver in the patient’s medical record.

The time after a health scare and a trip to the hospital can be very crucial for people. Unfortunately, patients don’t always have someone who will care for them as they recover. If a family caregiver is selected, it is more likely that the caregiver and the patient will be able to better prepare for the healing process after the hospital, and vulnerable populations are less likely to be neglected or forgotten once they are home. (S.F. 107)

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