Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, May 3rd to Friday, May 7th marks Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States. This week celebrates the hard work of teachers in delivering education at all levels across the country and recognizes the sacrifices educators make for the sake of their students. The transition to the virtual classroom due to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new burdens and incredible challenges on the nation’s teachers. The Senate DFL honors their commitment to students and continues to focus on delivering the support that Minnesota’s teachers need and deserve.

Today in Minnesota, many public schools remain underfunded. This has left many teachers on their own to maintain their classrooms and support their students. The Senate DFL is committed to fully funding education to support Minnesota’s public schools, and to allow teachers to pay their time and energy to their students, rather than generating resources and supplies for their classrooms.

Additionally, the Senate DFL recognizes the racial imbalances of Minnesota classrooms. While 38% of the state’s students are BIPOC, only 7% of teachers are. Increasing teachers of color and indigenous teachers diversifies our schools and allows students to connect with educators who represent them.

The Senate DFL believes that legislative support for teachers and educators is overdue. In celebration of Teachers Appreciation Week, the Senate DFL calls on Senate Republicans to finally provide teachers with the funding, resources, and support that they undeniably deserve.